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...and writing songs with guitar since age 12, B.C. Cliver is no stranger to music and performance. 

Trained as an operatic contralto at the University of Wisconsin School of Music, B.C. has adapted her voice and demeanor to a wide variety of genres including blues, gospel, and pop. But her heart and soul have always been in hard rock. 

Moving to San Francisco in 1985, B.C. and her music have been featured in several local bands including Burning Witches (punk), Flying Venus (pop/rock), and Blue Flamers (blues). She was also a featured artist and composer in Liquid Fire 2000, a part of the prestigious San Francisco Queer Arts Festival. 

She formed her own band, B.C. Three, in 2010. Its roots are in her beloved “old school” hard rock and metal, and promises to be a force to be reckoned with.

Singing publicly since she was 11...

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