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  • Be sure and use "A Long Way" not "the"

  • Front page: A Long Way not the

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  • look for bc3 demo for latest tunes:

  • New version DLTTYW

  • New version "Caught inside my heart"

  • Electric version (NEW) A long way

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  • Use text from old BC3 page incl bios

  • bio,, training, tesstimonials can all come over  from old site.

  • Add slideshow to training pages.

  • Keep facebook link but don't make active until B C's fready.

  • is BC's Youtube channel.

  • soundcloud

Old webpage

  • All concert dates not listed since Nov 13



previous gigs

July 26


B.C. Three performed DATE at TIME at the LOCATION in CITY, State

blah blah blah California.

Sept 22


B.C.Three is the featured headliner at the Blue Bear School of Music band showcase. All the details you need are right here

Sept 26


Shake It! Booty! Band is playing at the Fabulosa Music Festival on

Saturday, September 26. 

Oct 10


Rosewoode, featuring an acoustic folk/rock/power sound combining the voices of Margaret Cliver and Karen Mullally and B.C. will be at the High Street Station in Alameda on Saturday, October 10 at 7 p.m.  



Watch for more Shake It! Booty Band, Rosewoode and B.C.Three music around the Bay Area this Fall!

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