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I want you to get the information and coaching that work for YOU.


Whether you are...

  • Brand new to this fitness thing;

  • Coming back after years away from your sport or hobby;

  • In pretty good condition but stuck in some particular way;

  • Eager to improve your overall health;

  • Recovering from an injury, a disability or other health condition;

  • Have been ordered by your doctor or other caring person to deal with some specific problem; or

  • You want to improve your form, performance, stamina, or just have more fun...

I will help you get the results you want.

Short or long term, we'll come up with a plan that starts from where you are and heads you in the right direction.

We work together as a team.


Together we will work to determine your short and long term goals. Building on that foundation, we will put together a roadmap to get you where you where you want to be.

Whether you see me twice a month or several times a week, I will give you specific exercises and tasks to complete that focus on what you want to accomplish, adjusting them over time as you progress.

I have helped dancers, acrobats, weight lifters, body builders, computer pro­grammers, musicians, singers, accident victims, retirees, writers and painters achieve their goals.

I will help you achieve yours. 


I have the expertise to coach you safely and effectively.

My specialties are...

  • Structural integrity: making sure your foundations are strong so what you build will be strong and functional

  • Repetitive stress injury rehabil­itation and prevention,

  • Fitness with chronic conditions such as asthma and arthritis,

  • body composition, rebalancing, shift and refining.


I have been ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified for more than 20 years, adding dozens of continuing education classes over the years to broaden and deepen my knowledge. 


I also have in-depth understanding of functional anatomy, enabling me to understand your body in motion and to identify specifically what areas can benefit from what exercises.


Are you ready? I am! So let's get going!

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